How Remarriage Can Affect Your Child Custody Agreement

As parents move on after a divorce, many decide to remarry. Due to the sensitive nature of custody agreements, it is very common for individuals to be concerned with how remarriage can impact these arrangements. Custody agreements do not typically change following remarriage of one of both former spouses, but under certain circumstances the terms of the agreement may change. Overall, the custody agreement may change depending on how the new living arrangement of either the custodial or non-custodial parent will affect the child(ren) involved.

The Effects of Remarriage on Custody and Visitation

Custody┬ácan be awarded to one parent with visitation allowed for the other, or it can be joint custody in which both parents are involved in making decisions for the child. In joint physical custody, both parents will have to agree upon and adhere to a scheduling arrangement that works for everyone and best fits the child’s needs. Remarriage can certainly impact your schedule, and it will therefore certainly be a consideration in determining a change in custody agreements. A few considerations involving remarriage that could lead a judge to make changes to your custody agreement are as follows:

  • Whether the new marriage has any negative impact on the child’s relationship to either parent,
  • Whether the new marriage endangers the child in any way, or
  • Whether the new marriage provides a positive impact on the child.

The court will always strive to make decisions that create the best possible situation for your child, so this is the primary factor when determining what effect your new relationship will have on your custody and visitation agreements.

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