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Why Mediated Divorce May Work for You

Divorce mediation allows couples the unique opportunity to find a constructive solution to any of their lingering disagreements concerning their divorce in a more casual environment. Critically, the mediator has no real power in the process; in fact, the mediator will not be making any decisions on behalf of the couple whatsoever. Rather, the mediator will be involved primarily to help find creative solutions to disagreements the couple cannot resolve on their own. Although the mediation process ends up working quite well for some couples, it is important to note that couples do not necessarily come to an agreement during the mediation process.

Advantages of Mediated Divorce

Before you agree to enter into divorce mediation, it will be a good idea for you to reach out to an attorney to discuss your circumstances. That being said, there is a very good chance that you and your partner could benefit from mediated divorce if the following is true for you and your partner:

  • You both want a divorce
  • You have relatively minor disagreements
  • You both are willing to compromise
  • You both want to resolve the matter

We can help you make an informed decision about what best suits your needs before you ever agree to anything.

Consult with a Mediated Divorce Attorney in The Woodlands


If you and your partner have disagreements about your divorce that you believe you can resolve, mediated divorce may be the best way for you and your partner to find a middle ground. To speak with a mediated divorce attorney with the BB Law Group PLLC in The Woodlands about the particulars of your situation, please call our offices at (832) 534-2589.