South Carolina state legislator accused of domestic violence

A 36-year-old state legislator had been charged with domestic violence following an argument with his wife at their Graniteville home in Aiken County on Monday, December 26.

At around 10:00 p.m., Chris Corley was reportedly having a disagreement with his wife when he punched and pushed her. When he noticed that he injured his wife and their children were screaming, Corley went to his car to get a gun and aimed it at his wife. He threatened to kill himself last, before going to their bedroom.

Corley’s wife left the house with their children and went to her mother’s after reporting the incident. According to Aiken County Jail, Corley is facing multiple charges, including first-degree domestic violence and pointing a firearm at a person. He was given a $20,000 bond and was prohibited from getting in touch with the victim. He posted bond one day later and will appear in court in February next year.

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Missing woman could be a victim of domestic violence

Authorities are searching for a League City woman after she went missing last week.

According to the police, the missing woman was identified as a 32-year-old Anne-Christine Johnson. She is a mother of two and a cocktail waitress at the Legends in League City. Initial reports say that Johnson was last seen a week ago wearing an overcoat and pink scarf. She was reportedly in a white sedan traveling along Chesterfield Lane with a male companion. The identity of the man was not determined.

On December 8, her father filed a missing report after Johnson did not show up to meet him for dinner. Preliminary investigations show clues that the disappearance of Johnson seems suspicious, suggesting the victim may have been a victim of domestic violence.

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Abandonment as a fault ground in Texas divorce

There are several reasons that a divorce in Texas law can be considered under a fault ground, though such a process can be unappealing if there is a waiting period. One of them is abandonment.

To begin, a court will not consider abandonment as such a reason if your spouse has not been gone for a year with the intent to leave, which you must prove. Many people, especially in the cases that the spouse’s money supplemented their own income, this can feel like an extraordinarily long time. Many of these people have children that they cannot support without their spouse and, in such cases, a suit can be filed for an affected Parent-Child relationship, granting custody and support.

In the case that marital misconduct occurred, which judges will not always grant, the normal equal division of property may be adjusted. In a case that involves abandonment, the abandoning spouse is not allowed to ask for support, while the filing spouse does have that option if they had been married for 10 years. Often, this support will last for less than three years and will not exceed a fifth of the spouse’s income.

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The Steps of Filing Divorce in Texas

If a couple is considering filing for a divorce in Texas, the residency requirement of at least six months in-state and 90 days in-county must be satisfied by at least one spouse. Texas is one of the states that can be described as “mixed” in terms of divorce—both fault-based and no-fault divorces are allowed. Generally, fault-based divorces tend to be the less common of the two and are used in cases of domestic violence, infidelity, conviction of a felony, among others.

In Preparation: Though Texas boasts a universal form available to all counties, some places will generally prefer their own forms. You can contact the courts in those counties to find out which. In all cases, however, the forms used are an Original Petition for Divorce (includes Summons), Citation (or waiver), Notice of Service of Process, and Decree of Divorce.

For Filing: After the forms are completely filled out, you can file them at your specific county. In conjunction with this, a temporary restraining order can be requested from the court, preventing either spouse from undercutting the other in regards to finances and assets.

In Serving: Serving the documents to your spouse, also known as Service of Process, is required by the state of Texas. You can do this by a number of means, including via waiver, a sheriff or constable service, process server, or service by publication.

Divorce can be a messy and extensive process, which is why many people choose to have some sort of representation when going through the dissolution of a marriage. Contact one of our divorce attorneys at BB Law Group PLLC by calling (832) 534-2589 and we’d be happy to discuss your options in regards to your divorce.

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain divorcing his wife

Although news of a celebrity split is not new or surprising, it’s always sad to see a once-happy couple untie the knot. Traveling celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is separating amicably after nine years of marriage to his most recent partner, MMA fighter Ottavia Busia.

The couple had been separated for some time now due to their non-traditional marriage, brought about by Bourdain’s strict schedule. Busia claims that they are both very happy with the decision and there are no bad feelings between the two. The 60-year-old chef, on the other hand, has yet to make a statement. He has said in the past that the demands of his job, which involve traveling 250 days out of the year, have led to a “dysfunctional” family life.

When he is home, most of his attention goes to their nine-year-old daughter, Ariane, and Busia has claimed to understand and respect these decisions.

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State registry for domestic violence abusers underway

Christopher Polvado is the ex-husband of Tamara Reeves, who, inspired by her own abuse at his hands, has been working with state legislators to build a registry of domestic abuse offenders. Polvado has been arrested many times over the years for domestic abuse. In 2013, he was finally sentenced to six years of probation for continuous family violence.

He was arrested in March for violating his probation terms and Reeves believes he would kill her given the chance. He has continued his patterns of abuse over the internet for the past few years, creating fake profiles for her, receiving death threats, and maintaining access to her iCloud account.

One of the people Reeves has been meeting with, Representative Jason Villalba, attempted to file a domestic violence registry, but time ran out. He will be re-filing in January, claiming, “If we had a registry just like a sexual predator registry of those individuals, we would know who is on the registry and who has committed these kinds of crimes.”

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Houston police looking for teens who allegedly stole truck

The Houston police are still searching for three children who stole a pickup truck at the end of the day from a car dealership. The store was ready to close on Saturday, September 3 when the theft was caught on camera.

The three boys are familiar with businesses in the area who say that they act like they are fundraising for their football or baseball team. They have caused problems throughout the area, leaving messes and causing scenes when their attempts don’t draw the desired response.

The police department’s auto theft division is currently investigating the incident and they have yet to identify the three boys.

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Degrees of Separation film could be used as training tool for domestic violence cases

An Australian short film on domestic violence entitled ‘Degrees of Separation’ was aired for the first time at a conference for family law professionals in Brisbane last weekend.

Melbourne barrister Darren Mort funded the $15,000 project himself to explore the situations and circumstances surrounding family violence victims, such as keeping their ordeals a secret and living in denial. Mort, who is also involved in the Victorian Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre, said he hopes his film will make a difference.

Lilia Szarski, a Relationships Australia mediation trainer, said the film demonstrated the compelling need to open a discussion on how to recognise domestic violence “and why do we don’t do anything about it.” Visiting US forensic psychologist Phil Stahl, a member of the US National Judicial College said, “This film can help educate judges both on the secrecy element of domestic violence and the powerfulness of domestic violence,” he said. The film is set to be publicly released next year.

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Myths, misconceptions about domestic violence

There is a lot of stigma surrounding domestic violence, and quite a few myths to debunk. First, it is a misconception that domestic violence is rare. According to Katherine Cabaniss, a judge in the 248th District Court in Harris County, statistics indicate that more than 38 million women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. This translates to approximately one in four women overall.

Another common myth is that men cannot be the victims of domestic violence. In fact, one in seven men will be a victim of domestic violence in his lifetime. The law protects men and women equally when it comes to prohibiting acts of domestic violence.

Finally, is the myth that a victim must “press charges” for a criminal case to be filed in a domestic violence case. Victims in criminal cases have neither the right nor the responsibility to determine whether a case is filed. In cases of domestic violence, love and loyalty may cause competing emotions for those who have experienced violence. Law enforcement and prosecutors determine whether there is probable cause to file a case. Probable cause is not dependent upon a victim’s decision “to press charges” or not to do so.

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How to have a less toxic divorce

Divorce is always going to be hard, especially for those who don’t have a clue what they should do to protect their rights. However, there are some essential steps to make the process less devastating.

  • First, hire a good legal counsel, i.e. an expert on family law and divorce.
  • Be smart about financial matters. Make copies of necessary financial documents and create a separate bank account with savings in it if all finances are shared.
  • Find support during and after the divorce, such as friends, fellow church members, or divorce support groups.
  • “Conscious uncoupling,” which can also be described as “sensible” or “constructive” divorce can help couples to split up in ways that heal pain and diminish bitterness.
  • Finally, rebuild your life by letting go of negative emotions.

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