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Deciding a child support agreement can require hours of negotiations between two parents. If you and the child’s other parent cannot decide on the terms of your agreement, hiring a qualified child support attorney in The Woodlands can make a huge difference. A family law attorney will listen to what you want from your child support agreement and fight tooth and nail to obtain positive results for you.

At BB Law Group PLLC, we believe the law should work for you rather than against you, especially when your case involves children. Our firm is dedicated to providing families and individuals in need of legal help in cases that range from routine to emotionally exhausting. Whether you need to modify a previous child support agreement or draft a completely new set of terms, our firm can ensure you receive the best outcome possible during your case. Contact us by calling (832) 534-2589 or filling out an online contact information sheet so we can begin your confidential evaluation as soon as possible.

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    Do I Need a Child Support Attorney?

    Decisions that concern your child should be taken seriously. If you have any doubt that your child’s other parent will agree to terms that work for you, a qualified child support attorney is necessary to ensure you obtain the best deal possible. In addition, attorneys can provide specific assistance during your child support hearings that you will not receive if you attempt negotiations alone. For example, a knowledgeable child support attorney can provide help in these areas:

    • Skilled negotiating: Child support agreements are important because they can determine your financial stability and affect how well you can provide for your child. When you are deciding terms that have so many consequences, you want someone on your side who has experience handling tough negotiations.
    • Tailoring the agreement to you: When you enter into the negotiation process with an attorney, you will have a strong voice expressing your interests and needs. A lawyer will be able to translate your needs into a tangible agreement and make sure you are receiving what you need in order to thrive financially.
    • Making sure the other parent complies: Agreements of this kind are useless if one person does not hold up their end of the bargain. The good news is that child support agreements are legally enforceable. Hiring a lawyer now will make it easier to hold your co-parent accountable if they fail to pay you each month.

    These are important considerations to take into account as you decide whether or not you need an attorney. Keep in mind that hiring a lawyer could mean the difference between struggling and being able to provide the best life possible for your child. Reach out to a child support attorney in The Woodlands if you have doubts about the agreement process.

    Why Should I Choose BB Law Group PLLC to Handle My Case?

    In The Woodlands and the Greater Houston Area, there is no shortage of attorneys you can choose from when setting up a child support agreement. With so much at stake, it can be difficult to know which law firm will work best for your specific needs. Some of the reasons we feel confident BB Law Group PLLC can help obtain the best results possible include:

    • Diverse legal experience: Our lead attorney, Bryan Bleibdrey, served as a felony prosecutor for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office prior to focusing on family law. This experience allowed him to try dozens of cases and learn that the law is about helping people who need it most.
    • “Very friendly and helpful”: Our primary focus is on client satisfaction. Friendly, helpful, and professional are just a few of the words our clients use to describe our work. To read more reviews, visit the testimonials page on our website.
    • Record of results: First and foremost, you want an attorney who is honest and can deliver on their promises. We are known for making bad situations better and helping people through difficult periods in their lives.
    • Respected in the legal community: Bryan Bleibdrey is a member of several professional organizations and is well-respected in the Houston legal community. As a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Bar Association, Houston Bar Association, and Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, our firm stays sharp and prepared for a diverse range of cases.

    When your personal livelihood and the overall stability of your family are on the line, do not settle for anything less than the best results possible. Contact BB Law Group PLLC or visit our website for more information about what a difference a family law lawyer in The Woodlands can make in your child custody case.

    Child Support Practice Areas

    The child support attorneys at BB Law Group PLLC have experience handling cases from every area of family law. When handling child support cases, we are able to help our clients negotiate agreements that meet their unique needs. In addition, we can provide assistance to clients when they need help with the following:

    • Modifications to Support Agreements: Sometimes the amount of child support agreed upon no longer serves both parties. When one parent loses a job while the other one receives a promotion or a parent simply cannot afford their payments, modifications can occur. A modification can drastically change your financial situation, and a lawyer can ensure that your best interests are protected during the proceedings.
    • Enforcing Support Agreements: Every child support agreement is enforceable by law. When your ex refuses to pay child support or does not pay you the amount you deserve, you can take them to court for their irresponsible actions. If extreme outside and unavoidable circumstances are preventing them from paying, you may decide to modify the support agreement. Otherwise, they will have to pay their fair share of child support to you.

    Family law cases can be complicated and messy, especially when they involve children. Parents often disagree about what is best for the child and how much they should pay in child support. If you are having a disagreement with your ex about child support and need assistance, contact an attorney today.

    Does My Ex Always Have to Pay Child Support If They’re the Other Biologic Parent?

    In a word, absolutely. All parents are required to provide some level of support for their children in Texas. Even if the parent is a minor, in school, or has no money, child support is still a necessity. The court will consider the financial situation of both parents before giving a final ruling about child support payments to ensure the agreements is fair to both parties.

    What Happens if my Ex Doesn’t Pay their Child Support?

    Child Support Attorney In The Woodlands Image 2Because child support is a legal requirement for all parents, the Child Support Division in the Office of the Attorney General can take significant measures to enforce payments. If your ex is refusing to pay child support, the state can take the following action:

    • Force the noncompliant parent’s employer to withhold money from the paycheck
    • Suspend all state-issued licenses, including a driver’s license or fishing license
    • Intercept any money received from the government, such as tax refund checks
    • File liens against assets and property

    In addition, the custodial parent can file a lawsuit against a noncustodial parent who refuses to pay child support.

    Child Support Statistics

    Americans hold some serious misconceptions about child support. For example, many people assume child support payments are quite large and place a tremendous burden on parents. In fact, most parents who receive child support do not receive enough money to pay their child’s expenses, and they usually have to supplement the amount with their own money. Consider the following statistics from 2013, published by the United States Census Bureau:

    • 13.4 million single custodial parents live in America
    • 48.7% of all custodial parents have a child support agreement
    • $32.9 billion in child support payments were owed in one year
    • On average, less than $500 per month was owed in child support payments
    • On average, less than $329 per month was actually paid in child support payments

    These numbers tell a frustrating story that may feel familiar to you. Namely, most people with child support agreements receive very little money because of it. Do not hesitate to stand up for the amount you need for childcare expenses. You are entitled to compensation when you are the custodial parent, and a qualified child support attorney can help ensure you receive what you need.

    Contact a Family Law Attorney in The Woodlands

    Child custody and child support agreements are typically difficult to create in a friendly way. Every parent has an opinion about what should happen to their child and how much money they should pay for support. If you are a custodial parent in Texas, your ex is legally required to help support the child you share. Whether you are setting up a new agreement, modifying an existing agreement, or looking to hold your former spouse accountable for their payments, a skillful and experienced attorney can help. Contact BB Law Group PLLC by calling (832) 534-2589 for a confidential case evaluation as soon as possible.