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When a couple with children decides to get divorced, often times both a custody agreement and a visitation agreement will have to be established.  These agreements are critical to taking care of and raising a child after a divorce, as they mandate which parent has what form of custody (whether legal or physical), when they have that custody, and if a visitation agreement is necessary, when a parent is allowed to visit with their child.

Unfortunately, parents do not always comply with these agreements after getting a divorce, which can not only cause a great deal of stress or anxiety on the behalf of the other spouse or the child involved, but can also result in harm to the child. However, such agreements are legally enforceable, so you can seek support from the law if your ex-spouse violates a custody or visitation agreement.

Types of Violations

Many custody and visitation agreements have very specific requirements that apply to both parents. While these agreements will vary from couple to couple, some examples of violations of custody or visitation agreements may include:

  • Illegally taking a child from school
  • Showing up unexpected at a home or school
  • Keeping a child longer than an agreement allows
  • Refusing to allow the ex-spouse to communicate with a child

When an ex-spouse violates a custody agreement or visitation agreement in these or other manners, you do not have to stand for such action. You can seek legal assistance in holding your ex-spouse to the agreements you previously established.

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