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Modifications to Child Custody

When a couple decides to get divorced and they have children together, they will have to agree on a child custody arrangement. With the best interests of the child in mind, parents and legal representatives will make a case for a particular child custody arrangement that will later be approved or adjusted by a court.

However, these child custody arrangements may not always be the best arrangement for a child and their parents later in life, especially when family circumstances change. Fortunately, child custody arrangements can be modified to fit these changed circumstances, giving divorced parents and their children the best arrangement for their needs.

Reasons for Modifications

Modifications to child custody arrangements can be necessary due to a variety of changed circumstances, either for one parent, both parents, or even for the child. Some reasons for potential modifications might include:

  • Financial changes for one or both parents
  • The child being subjected to abuse
  • One or more parents moving to a new city, state, or country
  • Changing educational or medical needs of the child

These and other factors may necessitate changes to a child custody arrangement. Through such changes, a parent who has physical custody of a child might have to relinquish that custody and award it to the other parent. Alternatively, parents might have to relinquish custody altogether and secure the child with grandparents, other family members, or another person.

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