Modifications to Visitation Agreements

When a divorcing couple has children, they will have to establish a child custody agreement. In certain cases, one parent will be granted full custody, which often means the other parent only has visitation rights. Such agreements mandate when and how often one parent will visit his or her child or children after a divorce is finalized. These agreements are enforceable by law and must be adhered to; however, as a child grows and both the parents’ and child’s circumstances change, this agreement may need to be modified.

Reasons for Modifications

Modifications to child visitation agreements might be necessary due to many different factors, most of which involve the stability and safety of the children involved. For instance, some common reasons for modifications to child visitation agreements include:

  • A parent’s dependence on controlled substances
  • A parent is hazardous to a child’s wellbeing
  • Perpetual violations of visitation agreements
  • If the relationship between a parent and child becomes violent
  • The changed living situation of one or both parents

All of these factors could mean that a change in a child visitation agreement is necessary or in the best interest of a child, and parents need to be prepared for this change.

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