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Divorce, child custody, and other family law issues are some of the most difficult, emotionally fraught things couples and families have to deal with.  Thankfully, you don’t have to face these issues alone.

The Tomball family law and divorce lawyers of BB Law Group PLLC know how difficult these matters can be, and we provide custom-tailored legal services for whatever your needs may be. Lead attorney Bryan J. Bleibdrey and the rest of our team focus solely on divorce and family law cases to provide the best possible representation for our clients. We have extensive experience handling a wide range of family law issues, and we will work closely with you to help your case reach an acceptable end. Visit our contact page today or call (832) 534-2589 to find out more.

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    Family Law and Divorce Cases We Handle

    Family law encompasses a wide array of cases, not just divorces and custody disputes. First, here are some of the divorce cases we can assist with:

    • Uncontested divorce — Ideally, both spouses will agree to a divorce and can work through the relevant issues with little or no hostile feelings. This is the best case for everyone involved, especially any young children from the marriage. Even in an uncontested divorce, though, you still want a lawyer to review the relevant court documents, make sure your assets are fairly divided, custody issues are resolved, and so on.
    • Simplified divorce — Uncontested divorces can take some time to work through, even if both spouses largely agree on the terms. But under Texas law, you can obtain a simplified divorce with relative ease as long as you meet certain conditions (such as having no minor children) and you certify that both spouses completely agree on the terms of the divorce. You’ll still want a divorce lawyer to look over your paperwork before you submit it to the courts, though.
    • Contested divorce — Contested divorces are extremely hard on all involved, but sometimes there’s no other option. Whether the spouses can’t agree on terms or one spouse won’t agree to the divorce, it’s still necessary to work through the process and make sure your interests are protected. In contested divorce cases, alimony, child custody, and child support are some of the critical issues an attorney can help with.
    • Military divorce — If a couple with one or both spouses in the military chooses to end the marriage, there are lots of issues to consider that you don’t see in civilian divorce cases. For instance, how do you deal with child custody or visitation when a spouse is deployed? How should shared assets, such as military retirement accounts, be divided? There are also certain military regulations that need to be followed regarding divorce. If you or your spouse is in the military and you’re considering divorce, make sure to hire an attorney who has experience with military divorce cases.
    • High-asset divorces — A divorce case can quickly turn ugly if one or both spouses have significant assets that need to be divided. If most of these assets come from one spouse’s earnings, they’ll likely be reluctant to share these assets with their former spouse. A divorce lawyer can help you get your fair share of the marital assets in a high-asset divorce situation.

    In addition to divorce cases, we handle many other family law issues at BB Law Group PLLC. These include:

    • Asset division — Under Texas law, any shared assets from a marriage must be divided in a “fair and just” manner. This does not necessarily mean the assets must be divided evenly. Instead, a judge will divide the assets based on several factors: Each spouse’s income, each spouse’s age, the length of the marriage, which spouse will have primary custody of any minor children, etc. A lawyer can help you receive your fair share of your marital assets.
    • Alimony — Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid from one spouse to another to make sure both spouses have the financial resources they need after the divorce is finalized. An attorney can help you secure reasonable alimony as part of your divorce or help you fight back if your spouse is making unreasonable alimony demands.
    • Child custody and visitation — Texas law prefers that both spouses share custody of any minor children after a divorce, but this is not always in the best interest of the child. A lawyer can help you reach the best custody arrangement for your children, including fighting for sole custody if necessary.
    • Child support — Like alimony, child support payments are often a key issue in divorce cases. An attorney can help you secure reasonable child support if you have primary custody of your children. Alternatively, if your spouse is being too demanding when it comes to child support, your lawyer can help you push back and reach a fair compromise.
    • Adoption — Adoption regulations are extremely complicated, and any misstep along the way may mean having to start all over again. A family lawyer can help you through the process and make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could prolong or halt the proceedings.
    • Domestic violence and restraining orders — If you or your children are being abused by your spouse, it’s imperative to take legal action right away to make sure you’re protected. A lawyer can help you file an emergency restraining order to help keep an abusive spouse away from you and your children.

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    Why You Need a Family Law Attorney

    You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to getting a divorce, fighting for custody of your children, dividing your marital assets, or any other family law issue. These are critical legal matters that may impact you for the rest of your life. You need to do everything you can to make sure you and your children can move on from this painful chapter as quickly and easily as possible. The best way to do that is to get help from an experienced divorce and family law lawyer.

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