Enforcing Support Agreements

A divorce in which a couple has a child or multiple children will often result in the creation of a child support agreement. Although specifications mandated by this child support agreement will vary greatly between couples based on different personal circumstances, every child support agreement is enforceable by law. If an ex-spouse refuses to adhere to the stipulations of a child support agreement, then they might be punished legally and be made to adhere. Facing a recalcitrant or reluctant spouse regarding child support agreements can be frustrating, but is often worth it for a number of reasons.

Why Enforcement Matters

Child support agreements are established so that proper care of children can be maintained even after a divorce is finalized. It is for this reason that spouses need to be able to enforce agreements. Taking such action can be helpful as it:

  • Establishes regular schedules
  • Proves that an ex cannot financially disregard responsibility
  • Provides children with necessary funding for needs
  • Allows financial security for a spouse / children
  • Mandates that the law must be followed

Because of these and others reasons, enforcing child support agreements is critical. Both you and your child or children may suffer detrimental effects if an ex-partner does not provide the funding they are legally required to.

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After establishing a child support agreement, you expect your ex-spouse to follow through on their requirements; however, when they do not, then you may need help. At the BB Law Group PLLC, we can provide legal guidance and support to you when you are working to enforce a child support agreement. Call (832) 534-2589 to learn how we can help you with enforcement of child support agreements.

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