Modifications to Support Agreements

Child support payments are often critical agreements established following a divorce in which children are involved. While support agreements are almost always established during the divorce process, changing circumstances and needs may cause a need for these agreements to be modified as time goes on.

Depending on the circumstances of the children and both parents, the reasons for modifications can be varied, but might include things like a changed financial situation for either the paying or receiving spouse, a new marriage, or simply different needs of the child being supported. Whatever the reason for modification, it’s usually very important to know how these modifications can be made.

Two Types of Modifications

Child support agreements can be modified in two primary ways, each of which will likely affect you or your child, whether you are paying or receiving child support. These two primary types of modification include:

Both of these modifications can change one’s financial circumstances dramatically. Thus, in order to protect yourself and your child and to ensure that you receive or pay a fair amount in child support agreements, it’s often essential to seek the support and guidance of a legal counselor when your child support payments are being modified.

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