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Grandparent Visitation Rights

According to the US Supreme Court, one of the fundamental rights of parenthood is the right to decide who has contact with their children. However, if a parent has decided that their children’s grandparents shouldn’t see them, grandparents can request visitation rights to their grandchildren through the court. A judge will evaluate if a previous relationship has been established between the grandchildren and grandparents, and then determine if the grandchildren’s well-being is improved by seeing their grandparents.

Visitation Order Requirements

In a grandparent visitation case, one of the following circumstances must exist in order for the grandparents to gain visitation rights of their grandchild. These circumstances are:

  • Parents are divorced
  • Child has been abused or neglected by parents
  • Parents are in prison, declared incompetent, or are deceased
  • Parent-child relationship has been legally terminated
  • Child has lived with grandparent(s) for at least six months.

If grandparent visitation is granted and circumstances change, a parent is entitled to request the visitation rights be terminated. Every visitation and custody case varies by circumstances, and it may be in your best interest to contact a Woodlands family law lawyer for guidance.

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Child visitation is a sensitive issue, and you want lawyers that will prioritize the well-being of your children or grandchildren. At BB Law Group PLLC, our Woodlands legal team is highly skilled at handling these types of cases, and we may be able to fight on behalf of your interests. Contact one of our Woodlands family law lawyers at (832) 534-2589 to begin discussing your case today.