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Three actions you can take if you think your spouse is hiding assets during a divorce

The divorce process is tumultuous and painful by nature. Emotions run high, clouding both parties’ judgement and making it difficult to navigate the bureaucratic legal proceedings involved in a divorce. During this time of dramatic change in your personal life, stress and hardship can quickly become overwhelming.

Throughout the course of a marriage, finances can become complicated. In the absence of trust and meticulous record keeping, ownership of assets can become a point of extreme contention. The trained divorce lawyers at BB Law Group PLLC have decades of combined experience ensuring our clients receive the financial compensation they deserve during a divorce. If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, here are three legal tools at your disposal to discover the truth.

First, demand financial documents

The most straightforward way to discern the financial standing of each party in a divorce is through requesting documents. Tax returns, income statements, lease applications, and loan applications are common forms that may shed light on financial holdings. In addition, you may subpoena banks where you believe your spouse has assets. The court has the ability to compel an uncooperative spouse to produce these documents. If they do not comply, monetary fines may be levelled and their noncompliance can affect the judge’s decision in questions of custody.

Second, consider depositions

During the discovery process of divorce proceedings, each party will testify under oath about anything ranging from extramarital affairs to financial assets. Similar to criminal court, lying under oath is a serious offense resulting in fines and possible jail time. An experienced divorce lawyer will use depositions to gather all relevant information in order to place you in the strongest position possible.

Third, inquire about a court-ordered inspection

If you believe your spouse possesses valuable physical assets, such as an expensive collector’s item, your lawyer can request to inspect the item. Consult an expert to ascertain the exact value of the item.

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