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The Woodlands Divorce Litigation Lawyers

When a couple cannot agree on the terms of their divorce, such as alimony, property division, and even child support and custody, they may decide to enlist the help of divorce litigators. Divorce litigation is often the last resort for divorcing spouses, as it involves going to court and arguing both sides before a judge, who then makes a final decision regarding the divorce terms. However, it also gives you the chance to protect your rights and interests when creating a divorce agreement.

Rather than face the challenges of divorce litigation on your own, you may want the help of a knowledgeable attorney who can handle the legal intricacies of your case. At the BB Law Group PLLC, our dedicated legal team can help individuals in The Woodlands fight for the best possible divorce terms during divorce litigation.

The Divorce Litigation Process

If you and your ex simply cannot agree on your divorce terms, divorce litigation might be the only option for you. A skilled divorce litigation lawyer can guide you through this process, which typically includes:

  • Court appearances
  • Personal testimonies and witnesses
  • Case records publication
  • Determination by judge

If you are considering divorce, you should talk about the potential outcomes of litigation with your legal representative before making any concrete decisions to pursue this type of divorce. However, divorce litigation has helped many couples come to an agreement, finalize their divorces and move on with their lives.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

While some couples successfully agree on the terms of their divorce, this simply isn’t the case for everyone. An experienced divorce litigation attorney will work on your behalf and help settle your issues in court. Divorce can be extremely messy and complicated, and hiring a lawyer to help you weigh your options throughout the litigation process is the smartest way to approach your divorce.

Working through issues with a spouse can be incredibly difficult and there is no shame in needing help. Especially if your spouse is represented by a capable divorce attorney, you shouldn’t attempt to represent yourself. Your spouse’s attorney is going to fight for their interests, you deserve someone to fight for yours. In fact, the support of a skilled lawyer is a relief for many people going through contentious divorces. With the representation of a lawyer, you can feel confident that your attorney is on your side, representing your interests, wants, and needs.

Why Hire BB Law Group PLLC To Represent You?

Divorce is never easy. When you are going through a tough time, you need the best legal support. At BB Law Group PLLC we are committed to fighting for you and giving you the full benefit of our firm’s resources. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience that you’ll want on your side.

Our lawyers are empathetic and understand that this is a difficult time for you. Years fighting for families in the Woodlands has equipped us with a deep understanding of both how to handle your case and how to support you. We know how to fight for your rights, interests, and assets so that you can put this chapter of your life behind you as soon as possible.

Do not leave such matters up to just anybody, if you are stuck with subpar legal representation, your child custody, assets, and property may be on the line. Go with the best and reach out to BB Law Group PLLC if you want to garner the best results in the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

We fully understand that when you reach out to BB Law Group PLLC you are going through a difficult time. We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the support and legal advice that you need. Below we’ve included some frequently asked questions for your review. To discuss your specific situation with one of our lawyers, give us a call today at (832) 534-2589.

Depending on your specific situation, when you pursue a litigated divorce, you may be asked to make appearances in court and provide testimony when necessary. When your divorce is litigated, unless there is a reason to seal them, court records are generally public. You can also expect for the judge overseeing your situation to ultimately finalize all decisions regarding the terms of your divorce.

When is Divorce Litigation Necessary?

Litigation may be necessary when you and your ex are unable to reach agreements through other means. Collaborative or mediated divorces are better options for couples who are willing and able to cooperate. However, depending on the circumstances of your situation, cooperation may simply not be possible.

Am I Guaranteed the Assets I Owned Before My Marriage?

Not necessarily. The final terms of your divorce agreement will depend on your unique situation. Our lawyers will look into the specifics of your case, including community property, separate property, debts, and any agreements you and your spouse made (such as pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements) in order to determine which assets you have a right to claim. Once we determine which assets are yours, we will diligently fight on your behalf.

Will my Children Be Involved in Court Proceedings?

Custody agreements and child support can be hotly contested topics throughout divorce proceedings. Whether or not your children will be involved in the litigation process depends on your situation. Judges typically prefer to keep children out of the courtroom but if it is absolutely necessary, your child’s presence may be requested.

What is the Role of the Judge in my Case?

The judge ultimately makes decisions about your divorce based on the evidence and your attorney’s arguments. It is the judge’s job to help you settle disputes so that both you and your spouse can settle issues and move forward with your lives.

Contact a Divorce Litigation Attorney in the Woodlands

For assistance with a litigated divorce in the Woodlands, turn to an experienced attorney who can help you protect your interests. Our lawyers understand the overwhelming stress and uncertainty that you may feel, and we are ready to guide you and help you through the divorce process. Don’t go through your divorce without support, contact the qualified attorneys of the BB Law Group PLLC today to learn more about your options. Give us a call at (832) 534-2589.