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The Woodlands Increasing Alimony Attorneys

Alimony, commonly called spousal support, involves payments from one spouse to another during and after a divorce, allowing the receiving spouse to get the financial support they need and adjust to a newer, smaller income. While the amount of alimony payments is set before the finalization of a divorce, this amount can, in fact, change after the divorce is settled. In particular, if a person’s circumstances change, it may call for increasing the alimony payments.

At BB Law Group PLLC, our lawyers in The Woodlands understand how critical it can be to get the increased alimony payments you need when circumstances change. Getting these changes can be somewhat difficult however, making it necessary to have the support of a qualified attorney.

Reasons for Increasing Alimony

Increasing alimony payments can be brought on by a number of different individual circumstances, and whether you’re the paying or receiving spouse, it’s important to understand these causes. For instance, some reasons people seek to increase alimony include:

  • Reduced income of receiving spouse
  • Increased income of paying spouse
  • Additional medical and educational needs of receiving spouse

You may find that you need or deserve greater alimony payments for these or other reasons. Additionally, you could find yourself being asked to pay more in alimony if you are the ex-spouse making the alimony. In either situation, having the guidance and support of an attorney can be essential.

Discuss Increasing Alimony with a Lawyer in The Woodlands

Increasing alimony can change your life dramatically, whether as the recipient or the person making payments, and the attorneys at BB Law Group PLLC want to make sure that the change is good for you. Call us at (832) 534-2589 to discuss increasing alimony payments and to learn more about how we can help you.