South Carolina state legislator accused of domestic violence

A 36-year-old state legislator had been charged with domestic violence following an argument with his wife at their Graniteville home in Aiken County on Monday, December 26.

At around 10:00 p.m., Chris Corley was reportedly having a disagreement with his wife when he punched and pushed her. When he noticed that he injured his wife and their children were screaming, Corley went to his car to get a gun and aimed it at his wife. He threatened to kill himself last, before going to their bedroom.

Corley’s wife left the house with their children and went to her mother’s after reporting the incident. According to Aiken County Jail, Corley is facing multiple charges, including first-degree domestic violence and pointing a firearm at a person. He was given a $20,000 bond and was prohibited from getting in touch with the victim. He posted bond one day later and will appear in court in February next year.

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Missing woman could be a victim of domestic violence

Authorities are searching for a League City woman after she went missing last week.

According to the police, the missing woman was identified as a 32-year-old Anne-Christine Johnson. She is a mother of two and a cocktail waitress at the Legends in League City. Initial reports say that Johnson was last seen a week ago wearing an overcoat and pink scarf. She was reportedly in a white sedan traveling along Chesterfield Lane with a male companion. The identity of the man was not determined.

On December 8, her father filed a missing report after Johnson did not show up to meet him for dinner. Preliminary investigations show clues that the disappearance of Johnson seems suspicious, suggesting the victim may have been a victim of domestic violence.

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State registry for domestic violence abusers underway

Christopher Polvado is the ex-husband of Tamara Reeves, who, inspired by her own abuse at his hands, has been working with state legislators to build a registry of domestic abuse offenders. Polvado has been arrested many times over the years for domestic abuse. In 2013, he was finally sentenced to six years of probation for continuous family violence.

He was arrested in March for violating his probation terms and Reeves believes he would kill her given the chance. He has continued his patterns of abuse over the internet for the past few years, creating fake profiles for her, receiving death threats, and maintaining access to her iCloud account.

One of the people Reeves has been meeting with, Representative Jason Villalba, attempted to file a domestic violence registry, but time ran out. He will be re-filing in January, claiming, “If we had a registry just like a sexual predator registry of those individuals, we would know who is on the registry and who has committed these kinds of crimes.”

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Degrees of Separation film could be used as training tool for domestic violence cases

An Australian short film on domestic violence entitled ‘Degrees of Separation’ was aired for the first time at a conference for family law professionals in Brisbane last weekend.

Melbourne barrister Darren Mort funded the $15,000 project himself to explore the situations and circumstances surrounding family violence victims, such as keeping their ordeals a secret and living in denial. Mort, who is also involved in the Victorian Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre, said he hopes his film will make a difference.

Lilia Szarski, a Relationships Australia mediation trainer, said the film demonstrated the compelling need to open a discussion on how to recognise domestic violence “and why do we don’t do anything about it.” Visiting US forensic psychologist Phil Stahl, a member of the US National Judicial College said, “This film can help educate judges both on the secrecy element of domestic violence and the powerfulness of domestic violence,” he said. The film is set to be publicly released next year.

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Myths, misconceptions about domestic violence

There is a lot of stigma surrounding domestic violence, and quite a few myths to debunk. First, it is a misconception that domestic violence is rare. According to Katherine Cabaniss, a judge in the 248th District Court in Harris County, statistics indicate that more than 38 million women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. This translates to approximately one in four women overall.

Another common myth is that men cannot be the victims of domestic violence. In fact, one in seven men will be a victim of domestic violence in his lifetime. The law protects men and women equally when it comes to prohibiting acts of domestic violence.

Finally, is the myth that a victim must “press charges” for a criminal case to be filed in a domestic violence case. Victims in criminal cases have neither the right nor the responsibility to determine whether a case is filed. In cases of domestic violence, love and loyalty may cause competing emotions for those who have experienced violence. Law enforcement and prosecutors determine whether there is probable cause to file a case. Probable cause is not dependent upon a victim’s decision “to press charges” or not to do so.

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Rap sensation arrested due to charges of domestic violence

Rapper Young Jeezy gave in to the police Friday, January 3, over an arrest warrant issued by a grand jury on allegations that he committed domestic violence against his own son, a report by the Huffington Post stated Tuesday, January 7.

The artist allegedly knocked his teenage son into a shower door, dragged him into a room, and then physically assaulted him. Young Jeezy was also accused of threatening to “put a bullet” into his son’s head.

Young Jeezy was immediately released after paying the $45,000 bail.

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Vice President visits domestic violence hotline, urges for more help

Vice President Joe Biden said more help is needed for those who suffer domestic violence during his visit to the National Domestic Violence Hotline on Wednesday, October 30.

The Hotline, which was founded in 2006, has almost 100 staff members to answer about 22,000 calls a month. However, Hotline President Katie Ray-Jones stated they still were not able to respond to almost 52,000 calls last year.

Biden’s visit coincided with the unveiling of a full chat service that allows people to communicate with the Hotline via Internet. Ray-Jones said she is pleased that the chat function offers an extra layer of privacy that is not available over the phone.

Domestic violence is something that, unfortunately, far too many people in The Woodlands are subjected to this mistreatment. At the BB Law Group PLLC, our lawyers provide the support, compassion, and help people in this situation need. Call us at (832) 534-2589 today to get someone on your side.

Group organizes flash mob for domestic violence awareness

A flash mob was staged at Market Street in The Woodlands October 13 to “take a stand against domestic violence”.

Organizer Janice Warren, who has close ties to the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter, said October is an optimum time to stage a flash mob dedicated to the cause as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

She said that according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four women and their kids will be the victim of domestic violence.

A congressional staff report also stated that domestic violence is the primary cause of injury to women from 15 to 44 years of age.

Part of the exercise to reach out to domestic violence victims is talking about what constitutes domestic violence. According to Warren, this includes not only acts of physical violence but also psychological, sexual, or verbal attacks.

No one should have to tolerate abuse. If you or a loved are being abused by a partner, you need an experienced and compassionate lawyer on your side to protect you and your family. Please give our attorneys at the BB Law Group PLLC in the Woodlands a call at (832) 534-2589 to confidentially discuss your legal options and the possibility of divorce today.

Ex-NBA player Sean Banks charged by Englewood police for domestic violence

Former NBA player Sean Banks is facing several charges after a domestic incident involving the mother of his child.

Banks, 28, broke into the woman’s house on September 27 and started “verbally harassing her,” according to Englewood Det. Capt. Timothy Torell. After he was told to leave the house, he slashed the woman’s tires and fled the area.

Banks has several active warrants for armed burglary, criminal mischief, weapons possession, and harassment. He also had a previous domestic violence record and was charged for his involvement with the “James Bond Gang” for a series of burglaries in 2011.

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Ex-Miami Dolphin player gets jail sentence for “not taking plea negotiations seriously”

Former National Football League (NFL) player Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson was sentenced to 30 days in Broward County Jail for playfully swatting his lawyer’s behind after winning a plea deal for violating probation in connection with his 2012 domestic violence case against ex-wife Evelyn Lozada on Monday, June 10 in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida courtroom.

Judge Kathleen McHugh ordered a three-month probation for Johnson from September 21 to December 21. Johnson will also be required to attend two counseling sessions per week and engage in 25 hours of community service, which were already a part of the original plea negotiation.

Johnson, a six-time Pro-Bowl player, played with the New England Patriots in 2011 and was drafted to the Dolphins for the 2012 season. However, the Dolphins let go of Johnson shortly before the domestic violence charge was filed against him, prior to the NFL season beginning.

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