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What is Divorce Arbitration?

In an effort to achieve a faster, less expensive divorce settlement, many couples choose to pursue divorce arbitration or mediation. While these processes are similar in a number of ways, their core characteristics are quite different. In arbitration, an impartial third-party will listen to the cases each individual makes for every aspect of the settlement before the arbitrator alone comes to a final, legally enforceable decision as to the exact terms of the divorce agreement. As such, it is the arbitrator that makes all final decisions as to how assets and debts will be divided, how custody will be awarded, and the amount of alimony to be paid.

How an Attorney May Help With Divorce Arbitration

Experienced legal advice can be critical in preparing the best possible case for an individual before he or she enters into divorce arbitration. While they will not be directly involved, attorneys can advise individuals as to the following:

  • The planning/strategy of the presentation of his or her “side”
  • How to anticipate the demands or needs the spouse will have
  • The preparation for all the possible outcomes of arbitration

Since arbitration decisions cannot be appealed, it is important that both spouses have their interests and rights well-represented in arbitration. With the help of a skilled attorney, arbitrated divorces can offer couples a relatively quick, inexpensive divorce that leaves each spouse feeling as though his or her interests were adequately met.

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