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Grounds for Divorce Due to Spousal Abuse

Most marriages do not begin as abusive, but, sadly, as time passes, a person may find that their spouse becomes abusive, whether physically or verbally (or both). This can be physically and emotionally dangerous for the abused spouse. Unfortunately for those in this situation, they may not know what to do to escape the situation or get help. Divorce is one answer, as it can remove you from the abusive situation.

What Is Spousal Abuse?

Spousal abuse can take a number of different forms, as it is considered to be any action or threat of action considered violent or aggressive towards a spouse. The main categories of spousal abuse, however, include:

  • Physical attacks
  • Violence or threat of violence
  • Rape / sexual assault
  • Verbal attacks

Being the victim of any of these types of spousal abuse can be traumatic and difficult. But you do not have to face this situation alone. There is legal help available for those looking to escape an abusive marriage, including filing for divorce.

Discuss Spousal Abuse and Divorce with a Lawyer in The Woodlands

If you or someone you love has suffered from spousal abuse, call (832) 534-2589. Our lawyers at the BB Law Group PLLC are dedicated to helping victims of spousal abuse get the protection they need, whether through filing for divorce, getting a restraining order, or taking other action. Speak with us today about your situation and what we can do to help you get the safety you need and deserve.