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Alternative Divorce Options

A regular contested or uncontested divorce might not be the best option for you, or you may want to know if there are other avenues you can pursue when ending your marriage. The common methods of divorce do not always fit the circumstances of every couple’s divorce, and many people want to know about alternative divorce methods. Fortunately, there are several types of divorce in Texas, so you can find the one that works best for your particular situation.

Different Options

In addition to uncontested and contested divorces, Texas offers couples several alternative divorce methods when they want to end their marriage. Depending on your particular circumstances, one of the following options might be a better choice for you and your spouse:

  • Mediated Divorce
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Simplified Divorce
  • Military Divorce

The above options offer different or specialized forms of divorce for couples who feel that a normal contested or uncontested divorce does not fully fit their situations. For instance, a military divorce is completed differently than a divorce for regular citizens, and collaborative, mediated, and simplified divorces are each variations of regular types of divorce.

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It’s usually a comfort to know that you have several options when you and your spouse are considering getting a divorce. The experienced divorce attorneys of the BB Law Group PLLC can discuss each one of the above options with you and help you determine which option is right for your particular situation. Call us at (832) 534-2589 to discuss your situation.