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Advantages of Mediated Divorce

Mediated divorces are often pursued as a more amicable and less expensive alternative to a litigated divorce. In mediated divorces, divorcing couples come to a mutually acceptable agreement before then utilizing a neutral, court-appointed mediator to finalize the legal terms of their divorce.

However, sometimes divorcing couples encounter discrepancies over how certain assets should be divided or disagree on how some specific issue should be resolved. As such, the mediation process can be prolonged and more expensive. So, although mediated divorces are often quite amicable, experienced legal advice for each individual can help resolve any issues or disagreements that may arise, thereby expediting the divorce process.

Benefits of Mediated Divorce

While divorce of any kind is likely to be difficult for both the divorcing couple and their family, mediated divorces offer an opportunity to make the process as amicable and fair as possible. Among the advantages of a mediated divorce are:

  • Fewer expenses—the only required expense is that of the mediator
  • Expedited agreements—the process is collaborative
  • Confidentiality

For individuals who want discrete legal advice and representation throughout the process of a mediated divorce, the Woodlands lawyers at BB Law Group PLLC can help you maintain peace of mind.

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