Myths, misconceptions about domestic violence

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There is a lot of stigma surrounding domestic violence, and quite a few myths to debunk. First, it is a misconception that domestic violence is rare. According to Katherine Cabaniss, a judge in the 248th District Court in Harris County, statistics indicate that more than 38 million women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. This translates to approximately one in four women overall.

Another common myth is that men cannot be the victims of domestic violence. In fact, one in seven men will be a victim of domestic violence in his lifetime. The law protects men and women equally when it comes to prohibiting acts of domestic violence.

Finally, is the myth that a victim must “press charges” for a criminal case to be filed in a domestic violence case. Victims in criminal cases have neither the right nor the responsibility to determine whether a case is filed. In cases of domestic violence, love and loyalty may cause competing emotions for those who have experienced violence. Law enforcement and prosecutors determine whether there is probable cause to file a case. Probable cause is not dependent upon a victim’s decision “to press charges” or not to do so.

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