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Just as a divorcing couple will separate the assets and property that they acquired throughout the course of their marriage, the couple will also have to divide any debt accrued during the marriage. Unfortunately, division of debts can be a particularly contentious part of a divorce, as no one wants to take on more debt.

While our team at BB Law Group PLLC knows that some couples in The Woodlands are able to divide their property and debts themselves, we also realize that many others turn to the legal system for help. Fortunately, in cases where couples are experiencing problems with division of debts, enlisting the support of a legal professional can help protect you from being unfairly during the process of dividing property.

How Division of Debts Works

In Texas, any community property, which is property that either person obtained during the marriage with a few exceptions, will be divided equally among divorcing spouses, including debts. In general, the division of debts with your spouse during divorce will be equal. However, in some cases, exceptions are made to this rule, such as when:

  • A couple establishes division agreeable to both without court intervention
  • The incomes of respective spouses are widely varied
  • Debts are considered “separate,” or acquired individually

Understanding how debt division works can make your divorce run much more smoothly, and legal help is available to those who have questions or concerns about this process.

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If you and your spouse are working through debt division in your divorce, it’s important to know all of your options. At BB Law Group PLLC, our lawyers are well-versed in Texas divorce law and can help protect your rights and interests when it comes to division of debts. Call us at (832) 534-2589 to discuss debt division in your divorce.



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