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The Woodlands Divorce Arbitration Attorney

To reach divorce settlements in a faster, less costly way than a traditional divorce, couples are increasingly turning to third-party help through divorce arbitration or mediation. Though these two practices share several similarities, they are actually quite different. Arbitration involves a third-party arbitrator who listens to the “two sides” of the divorce and makes a final, legally enforceable decision about the divorce agreement and terms, including division of property, alimony, and more.

It is important to note that arbitration decisions cannot be appealed, making it important for individuals to consider enlisting legal help to prepare their cases. If you live in or near The Woodlands and need help preparing for your divorce arbitration, the knowledgeable legal team of the BB Law Group PLLC can help you protect your rights and interests so that you receive a fair arbitration decision.

How a Legal Team Can Help During Divorce Arbitration

Although attorneys are not directly involved in divorce arbitration, you and your spouse may agree that they can sit in on your arbitration period to offer assistance. A legal team can help during divorce arbitration in the following ways:

  • Help you plan / strategize about presenting your “side”
  • Ensure that all of your interests are covered in arbitration
  • Anticipate the demands or needs of your spouse before they come up
  • Prepare you for the possible outcomes of arbitration

Arbitrated divorces cannot be appealed, so it’s important that both spouses have their rights and interests fairly represented in arbitration. Without skilled legal support, an arbitrator might reach a final decision about your divorce that you think is unfair or that does not reflect your needs adequately. It may initially seem easier to go into a divorce arbitration by yourself, but hiring a lawyer to help you will actually save you time and money overall.

Making changes to your divorce settlement after a decision has already been made is normally a time-consuming and extremely difficult process, and in arbitration, it is sometimes not possible, so it’s worth it to go into arbitration prepared for whatever may come. An attorney who has been through divorce arbitration before is a valuable asset because they can give you the tools you need to accurately present your concerns and questions during the arbitration process. Some people have trouble explaining themselves and voicing what’s on their mind–especially in a stressful situation–so having an ally like an arbitration lawyer can be an important aspect to winning the case.

Why Choose Us?

At BB Law Group PLLC, we understand that divorce is a stressful time, and it can be hard to trust someone to help. That’s why we make it our mission to be a compassionate firm that takes on every case with the knowledge that each client has different needs and comes from different backgrounds. Our work is catered to the individual and the family.

Our founder, Bryan J. Bleibdrey, believes that lawyers should work closely with their clients to better understand the specifics of a case so that they can get the results they’re looking for. We’re not the kind of law firm that has lawyers sprawled over so many issues that our clients can’t get the attention they deserve. We only practice family law–whether it be divorce or child custody–and we give our clients the attention and respect they need in these difficult times in their lives. Our clients’ many positive testimonials give a glimpse of the kind of attorneys we are, and how far we will go to help you in your arbitrated divorce.

If you would like more information on how an attorney can help you during divorce arbitration, contact us today by calling (832) 534-2589 or by filling out a confidential evaluation form on our website.

Cases We Handle

Because we, as a firm, are so invested in our clients, we make it our business to help you with all aspects of divorce arbitration. Divorce arbitration is somewhat of a middle ground between taking a divorce to court and entering into mediation. In arbitration, the two people getting the divorce don’t have to agree on the outcome, like they do in mediation. Whoever is acting as the arbitrator, whether it be a judge, lawyer, or another type of professional, makes the final decisions about the divorce settlement based on the arguments and concerns voiced by both parties.

Arbitration may sound harsher than mediation, but for some people, it’s a better option. Arbitration is more formal than mediation but it is also usually much quicker, saving time, money, and energy for everyone involved. Depending on the couple, mediation can drag on for months without any progress being made, while arbitration is over when both sides have said what they need to say and a decision is made by a neutral third party.

Mediation is more like a monitored discussion to get to a solution, but arbitration is often a binding process that takes the place of a trial and therefore is probably a better option for divorcing couples who are not able to come to any agreements. Because it is less focused on coming to a mutual decision than mediation, arbitration may not always be the best option for families who wish to stay on good terms.

Every family is different, however, and there are many reasons why arbitration may be a better or worse option for different situations. One thing is certain, though, and that is that divorce arbitration works best when you enter into it with a knowledgeable and qualified attorney by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have questions about divorce, mediation, and arbitration, we’ll be here to answer them. Read a few frequently asked questions and their answers below, and call us at (832) 534-2589 to schedule a confidential consultation with us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

How is an arbitrator chosen?

Usually, both parties and their attorneys agree on the arbitrator for the case. This arbitrator is most often someone who has specialized knowledge of the issues the divorcing couple wishes to solve, such as child custody, property disputes, or taxes. The arbitrator is always a neutral third-party and is trusted to make decisions about the divorce. Their decisions can either be binding or advisory, depending on what is already agreed upon before the arbitration begins. If the decisions of the arbitrator are considered binding, then this settlement will be taken to court to complete the divorce.

What are the advantages of divorce arbitration over litigation?

Although divorce arbitration is closer to a litigated divorce than mediation, many people find that arbitration is less pressure than taking their divorce to a typical trial. Arbitration can be scheduled anytime everyone is available while filing for divorce and going to trial doesn’t take the divorcing couple’s time into consideration.

While your court records will still be available to the public when you use arbitration, it is more private than a litigated divorce, which is decided by someone who is a stranger and open to the public. It also generally takes less time to prepare for divorce arbitration, because even though evidence and arguments are important, it’s not as strict of an environment as a standard court.

When is arbitration most often used in Texas?

Arbitration makes the most sense for divorcing spouses who have vital confidentiality interests to protect. Arbitration is often used for people who have complicated property interests, or if they have child custody issues that are extremely contentious. Because arbitration can be handled in private proceedings, as opposed to open court, it is often a more attractive solution than a standard divorce.

Talk to a Divorce Arbitration Lawyer in The Woodlands Today

Arbitration may not be for everyone, but many people find that it is the best way to move on from a divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible. A good lawyer who is well-versed in family law will be able to give you the best chance you have of getting the results you want from your arbitrated divorce. Presenting your side during divorce arbitration can seem daunting, but with the help of a lawyer from BB Law Group PLLC, you can better prepare for this process and still complete your divorce is a timely and more cost-efficient manner. Contact our offices today by calling (832) 534-2589 to learn more about how we help people handle the challenges associated with arbitration.