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Criminal Attorney In The Woodlands ImageRegardless of what criminal charge a person is faced with, the ramifications and penalties associated with that crime can have a dramatic and substantial effect on their life. Ranging from incarceration to hefty fees, the penalties associated with a criminal conviction can have devastating and long-term effects on both the accused individual and their family. As such, anyone who is facing criminal charges of any kind needs a legal representative on their side who has in-depth criminal law knowledge and who is not afraid to take the necessary legal action to fully protect their rights and interests.

As a person accused of a crime and facing the potential repercussions associated with a conviction, it is easy to feel anxious, worried, stressed, and frightened. Fortunately, with the help and experienced guidance of a criminal lawyer from the BB Law Group PLLC, you can get both the representation that you need in this difficult time and feel reassured that you have a qualified professional helping you form an aggressive defense. Call (832) 534-2589 to discuss your situation with a compassionate legal advisor today.

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    How We Can Help

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    At the BB Law Group PLLC, we have the skills, knowledge, experience, and passion to fight aggressively for our clients. We believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves against criminal charges and, as such, we are prepared to help those facing charges of:

    • DWI
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Theft and Robbery
    • Juvenile Crimes
    • Drug Possession
    • Assault
    • Homicide / Murder
    • Drug Crimes
    • Sex Crimes
    • Weapons Possession

    Whether you are facing these or other criminal charges, you deserve to have a lawyer on your side who provides comprehensive support and knows what it takes to make sure your rights are protected.

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    Being charged with a crime can have life-altering effects for both you and your family. The legal team at the BB Law Group PLLC understands this and, as such, we devote ourselves, our time, and our energy to ensuring you receive all the protection you are due under the law. Call us at (832) 534-2589 to discuss your legal rights and options and how we can create an aggressive defense for you.