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The Woodlands Decreasing Alimony Attorneys

In many divorces, particularly those in which one spouse is accustomed to being supported by the other, an alimony agreement will be established, providing payments to one spouse throughout and after the divorce. These payments are meant to help the receiving spouse learn to adjust to a lower income or different lifestyle. Although the amount a person receives will be established early on, this amount can change should circumstances warrant an alteration.

At the BB Law Group PLLC, our attorneys in the Woodlands know that alimony payments can have a drastic effect on your life, whether you are the paying or receiving spouse. As such, when circumstances demand that a lower alimony payment or you need to fight a former spouse who is seeking to lower your payments, having legal support can be invaluable.

Reasons for Decreasing Alimony

There may be any number of reasons for decreasing alimony, but the majority of them involve, in some way, the following circumstances:

  • The paying spouse loses income or loses a job
  • The receiving spouse gets a higher income or new job
  • The receiving spouse no longer requires alimony
  • The receiving spouse remarries

A decrease in one’s alimony payments will, of course, affect both parties involved. Thus, making sure your rights and interests are protected when seeking or fighting decreased alimony payments is critical.

Discuss Decreasing Alimony with an Attorney in The Woodlands

If you are going through divorce and have questions about alimony payments, or have already gone through a divorce and are now seeking help with your alimony agreement, particularly regarding decreasing alimony, a lawyer with the BB Law Group PLLC can help. Contact our office in the Woodlands today by calling (832) 534-2589 and learn about how we can help you.