Neil and Pegi Young divorce

After more than three decades of marriage, singer-songwriter Neil Young is divorcing his wife, Pegi Young, Rolling Stone published on Wednesday, August 27.

Divorce documents were filed by Neil Young on July 29 at their hometown of San Mateo, California. The court is scheduled to hear the case on December 12. No further details regarding the split have been provided.

Neil Young is behind the hits “Unknown Legend,” “Once an Angel,” and “Such a Woman,” all of which are inspired by his wife.

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Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally custody fight continues

The fight over who will parent and pay for the care of Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally’s unborn surrogate son continues unresolved after Sally filed papers requesting full custody over the child, The Daily Mail reported on July 30.

On May 3, Sally filed for legal separation and requested for full custody of their unborn child. Sally also demanded that his estranged wife pay for spousal support and attorney fees, and he requested that their prenuptial agreement be thrown out based on fraud.

Shepherd allegedly wants no parental and financial roles over their son. Sources familiar with the situation said Shepherd believes she was duped into a surrogacy agreement so Sally could receive spousal support from her.

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Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon split again

Hollywood celebrity Pamela Anderson is once again splitting up with her husband Rick Salomon only six months after she announced their remarriage, the New York Daily News reported on July 8.

According to the report, the actress filed for a divorce on July 3. The couple first wed in October 2007, but the union was annulled shortly after two months. The ex-couple reunited after several years, and in January this year, Anderson revealed they got married again. A representative for the actress declined to give comments.

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Divorce of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony concluded

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are now formally single, the New York Daily News reported on June 19.

After almost three years of separation, the divorce proceedings between the celebrity couple finally wrapped up, ending their eight years of marriage. Both have agreed that they will protect their twins, Emme and Max, from intrusive photographers and media. The divorce arrangement also indicates that Lopez will take primary custody of the children, while Marc Anthony is allowed to have the 6-year-old kids for seven days every month accompanied by a nanny.

Both parties agreed not to give any spousal or child support.

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McPhee and Cokas divorcing after a year of separation

American Idol season 5 finalist Katharine McPhee formally ended her six years of marriage with stage producer Nick Cokas, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday, May 22.

After living separately from her 49-year-old husband since last year, McPhee decided to file for a divorce. A publicist of the American singer-songwriter said the two are in good terms, and they request that the public respect their privacy during this time.

McPhee was caught kissing Mary McCormack’s husband, director Michael Morris, last October. The documents detailing McPhee’s separation cleared her name for those who thought she cheated on Cokas, although Morris was not innocent in this regard.

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Study says divorce more common when wife gets sick

A study on 2,717 older married couples during the course of 20 years revealed couples are at higher risk of divorce when the wife becomes seriously ill, livescience reported on May 1.

Amelia Karraker, one of the study’s researchers, stated that the danger of marriage dissolution is higher when the wife develops chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke. According to the data, 15% out of the 31% of total marriages that ended in divorce involved a chronically ill wife.

The study did not further explore why this might be the case, although Karraker suggested that the husband may have provided insufficient care while his wife was sick, influencing her decision to seek divorce.

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Eliot Spitzer’s ex-wife to receive millions from divorce payout

An article by the New York Daily News states that former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s ex-wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, will receive $7.5 million from their divorce settlement.

The divorce settlement also requires Mr. Spitzer to give up to his wife $240,000 annually until her death, $100,000 for her charity donations, their home on Fifth Avenue, a brand new car every five years, and money for “entertainment and activities” expenses.

The couple filed for divorce earlier this year, ending their 26 years of marriage. They have three daughters aged 23, 20, and 18.

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Twitter users more prone to divorce and infidelity, study finds

A survey involving Twitter users of different ages revealed Twitter users are more prone to being involved in relationship conflicts that may lead to infidelity and divorce.

In a study involving 581 respondents, a doctoral student in the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Russel Clayton, found that individuals who use Twitter have a higher chance of experiencing conflicts with their relationship partners, which increases the risk of unfavorable relationship consequences, such as separation and divorce. Clayton added that the result of the study holds true regardless how long the couple has been together.

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‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ singing duo filed for divorce

After almost 39 years of marriage, singing sensation duo Captain and Tennille has filed for divorce, a report by Reuters revealed.

A court clerk from Arizona stated that 71-year-old Daryl Dragon and 73-year-old Tony Tennille filed their divorce papers in Prescott, AZ on January 16. The couple wed in February 1975, and has no children. Dragon and Tennille made numerous hits together, including ‘Love Will Keep Us Together,’ ‘Muskrat Love,’ and ‘Do That to Me One More Time.’

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Group organizes flash mob for domestic violence awareness

A flash mob was staged at Market Street in The Woodlands October 13 to “take a stand against domestic violence”.

Organizer Janice Warren, who has close ties to the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter, said October is an optimum time to stage a flash mob dedicated to the cause as October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

She said that according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in four women and their kids will be the victim of domestic violence.

A congressional staff report also stated that domestic violence is the primary cause of injury to women from 15 to 44 years of age.

Part of the exercise to reach out to domestic violence victims is talking about what constitutes domestic violence. According to Warren, this includes not only acts of physical violence but also psychological, sexual, or verbal attacks.

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