Billionaire Cohen’s former spouse may appeal divorce settlement lawsuit

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The former spouse of American hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen, according to a legal counsel, may appeal her case after a Manhattan federal court judge noted that her evidence in accusing Steven of fraud was insufficient, a May 19 report from CNBC said.

Patricia, in a 2009 lawsuit, is pursuing to receive 50 percent of $5.5 million worth of assets from Steven, 59, after their divorce in 1990. However, Chief Judge Loretta Preska stated her legal team failed to support her allegations of fraud due to a lack of evidence. The judge also stated Patricia filed the lawsuit too late as she had suspected Steven of concealing assets from her in 1991 and in 2006. Patricia’s legal counsel told reports that his client may choose to appeal the case, arguing that a jury might side with Patricia after reviewing the evidence.

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