Military divorcees seek dissolution of law granting their ex-spouses half of their pension

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A group of military personnel is asking Congress to repeal a law – the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) – instated in 1982 that allows a military retirement pension to be treated as property and, subsequently, divided between the spouses equally.

The USFSPA Liberation Support Group, which feels that a veteran of the U.S. military is entitled to the fruits of his labor for having served the country in times of war and peace, highly opposes the 1982-enacted law.

Their opposition of the law is largely due to the inequality of treatment among civilians and ex-military members, as payment according to this federal law does not stop even after the former spouse remarries or acquires a more profitable career.

Larry White, national director of the San Antonio, Texas-based group, said the military retirement pension is not merely for services rendered to the country, but also serves as payment for a military person’s continuing service to his homeland as retirement is a reserve status that is compensated with less pay for fewer services.

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