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Why Child Support Agreements Might Change

Establishing a child support agreement during divorce is important when you and your spouse are trying to decide how to financially support your child or children. However, though these agreements are established during divorce, they can actually change over time should circumstances invite such change or if the needs of a parent or child fluctuate significantly. As these agreements are meant to meet the care needs of children, there are a number of reasons that could lead to these agreements being modified.

Common Reasons for Modifications

There may be any number of reasons that a child support agreement can change, and sometimes these changes are fairly easy to anticipate. For instance, the following are common reasons that modifications would be necessary:

  • Changed financial need of a child
  • Re-marriage of receiving spouse
  • Increased income of receiving spouse
  • Decreased income of paying spouse
  • Decease of one or more parents

Should these circumstances arise, it is highly likely that a change in the child support payments will be needed. Payments might be increased or decreased, and the extent of the change is wholly dependent on the particular circumstances of the couple involved.

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Facing changes to a child support agreement that you’ve become accustomed to can be disruptive and frustrating, but you do not have to face these changes alone. Our legal team at the BB Law Group PLLC can better prepare you to face any changes in your divorce arrangements. Give us a call at (832) 534-2589 to discuss your child support needs.