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When Considering Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorces are unique for their capacity to offer separating couples a highly collaborative, amicable dissolution of their marriage. By avoiding what can be highly contentious legal battles that some litigated divorces entail, collaborative divorces often provide families a better opportunity to maintain a positive relationship after a divorce. For individuals considering a collaborative divorce, legal advice may still be highly beneficial and contribute to an additional sense of fairness during the process.

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorces can be substantially less time consuming and expensive than other forms of divorce as a result of the highly cooperative process. Among the most beneficial aspects of a collaborative divorce, as opposed to a contested or uncontested divorce, are the following:

  • Collaborative settlements that do not require a judge or arbitrator
  • Lower associated expenses
  • Less time-consuming process
  • Control for both partners over the particulars of their agreement
  • Since they are less contentious, they can be easier on children

The benefits of collaborative divorces are encouraging for couples who wish to amicably dissolve their marriage and still maintain a positive relationship for their children.

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