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Visitation For Children Under Age 3

When deciding on visitation rights, the court always prioritizes the best interest of the child. Once a child reaches the age of three, a judge will create a visitation schedule that both parents must abide by. It contains exact dates and times that a child will stay with each parent. When a child is under the age of three, however, a judge will consider different factors when determining the standard order of visitation.

Factors Considered For Children Under 3

Visitation for children under the age of three will differ from the schedule created when a child reaches his or her third birthday. This is because a judge must take into consideration the huge amount of development a child undergoes during this time. Factors a judge will consider when deciding on a visitation schedule include:

  • The effect separation from either parent may cause on the child
  • The availability of each parent as a caregiver
  • Physical, mental, behavioral and developmental needs of the child
  • Presence of siblings
  • Location of both parents
  • A child’s need to build healthy relationships and attachment to both parents
  • Child’s need for a routine
  • Best interest of the child

Ultimately the standard order of possession does not apply until a child turns 3, and most courts recommend very frequent visitation before this period. However, circumstances for each family will always vary.

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