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Requirements for Simplified Divorce

Simplified divorce is one of several options available to couples when they decide to separate and pursue divorce. Simplified divorce is often preferable in many circumstances, as it allows for a quicker resolution, less time in court, and often less costs for all involved. While this form of divorce may sound like a good option for divorcing spouses, there are certain requirements that prevent all couples from pursuing this form of divorce.

The attorneys at BB Law Group PLLC can help Monmouth County residents evaluate their options when it comes to divorce. And, should simplified divorce be an option, help you make sure your interests are well-represented.

What are the Requirements?

Simplified divorce can be a good option for those who want their divorces to be faster and (usually) less stressful. However, there are certain requirements that must be met before a couple can go through the simplified divorce process, including:

  • Your divorce involves no children considered minors
  • Both you and your spouse agree that the marriage will not be salvaged
  • Both you and your spouse agree on all divorce terms

If you and your spouse meet these requirements, then simplified divorce might be a the best option for you, especially as it can typically ease the sometimes laborious process of divorce.

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