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Process of Divorce Arbitration

Primarily used as a means to resolve outstanding disputes between divorcing partners, the process of divorce arbitration holds a number of advantages over litigated trial divorces. In divorce arbitration, both parties meet with their respective attorneys to agree upon an arbitrator. Once an arbitrator has been selected, both parties will work together to define the parameters under which the process of arbitration will take place, in addition to how long the arbitrator will have to make a decision about the dispute.

Unlike a court trial, divorce arbitration will be conducted in privacy and at a time and place that is agreeable to both parties. After hearing from each partner, the arbitrator will make a final decision—one that may typically not be appealed—to settle the dispute.

Advantages Divorce Arbitration in the Woodlands

Used as an alternative means of resolving any dispute that arises during the process of divorce, many couples find divorce arbitration to beneficial for the following reasons:

  • The process is private and confidential
  • Parameter may be agreed upon by both partners
  • The process will have a more definitive cost
  • Arbitrators may be selected

As you work through the process of divorce, our Woodlands legal team can be there to walk you through each and every step.

Consult with a Divorce Arbitration Attorney in the Woodlands

If you and you partner need to resolve a dispute through the process of divorce arbitration, you should speak with a Woodlands divorce attorney at BB Law Group PLLC to begin developing a legal strategy intended to help you protect your interests. To discuss the particulars of your case with one of our attorneys, please call our Woodlands offices at (832) 534-2589 today.