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Parents of Divorcees

During the divorce process, many family members apart from those directly in the involved couple’s household are affected, such as the parents of the divorcees.

When an individual’s child is going through a divorce, the individual sometimes must serve as a main source of communication between the estranged spouses and/or even begins to care for their child or grandchildren. When there are grandchildren involved, the grandparents sometimes have to get involved in order to not sever ties with their beloved grandchildren.

Maintaining Contact with Grandchildren

In certain custody battles, there is a possibility that the grandparents of one side could lose all future opportunities of seeing their grandchildren. As such, in order for grandparents to maintain ties with their grandchildren, it may be a good idea for them to attempt the following:

  • Spend time with ex-son/daughter in-law
  • Make financial and time sacrifices
  • Raise the grandchildren on their own
  • Fight in court custody battles in order to continue seeing their grandchildren

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