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Modifying Child Visitation Agreements

If you have gone through a divorce that involves children, you likely agreed to a child visitation agreement that took into consideration both of your circumstances at the time. However, as your circumstances – or those of your former partner – have changed, it may become necessary to make modifications to your visitation agreement so that it continues to protect the best interests of your child.

Why You Might Modify a Visitation Agreement

While it may become necessary for you and your family to modify the terms of your visitation agreement, our Woodlands attorneys have commonly helped clients pursue modifications under the following circumstances:

  • The other parent struggles with substance abuse
  • The other parent somehow endangers the child
  • There are persistent violations of the existing visitation agreement
  • The living situation of one or both parents has changed
  • Domestic abuse affects the child

Our legal team in The Woodlands understands just how critical a role these visitation agreements can play in the well-being of your child; we will do everything we can to help you protect the best interests of your child.

Consult with a Modification to Visitation Agreements Attorney in the Woodlands

At BB Law Group PLLC, our child visitation agreement attorneys at The Woodlands are committed to helping our clients protect the best interests of their family as they seek to modify the terms of their child visitation agreements. To discuss the particulars of your circumstances with one of our divorce attorneys in The Woodlands today, please call our offices at (832) 534-2589 today.