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Infidelity and Divorce

Many couples go through challenging times in their marriage, but one increasingly common issue across the United States is infidelity. Infidelity, whether physical or emotional, can be extremely difficult for spouses to overcome, and some ultimately choose to divorce. Although Texas allows no-fault divorce, victims of extramarital affairs have the option of listing adultery as the “fault ground” for their separation.

It is important to note that infidelity can continue to affect ex-spouses even after their divorce is finalized. For instance, those who have been hurt by extramarital affairs may be eligible for increased alimony or a larger portion of property during property division. The attorneys of the BB Law Group PLLC, can help people in The Woodlands understand their divorce options and protect their rights and interests following infidelity.

What You Can Do

If your spouse has been unfaithful, even just one time, you might be considering taking action. There are several options that you can take, including the following:

  • Confronting the issue
  • Talking with a marriage therapist or counselor
  • Filing for divorce

Unfortunately, many individuals find that they cannot trust their spouses after they have committed adultery, and divorce may be the only option. Divorce can offer you the ability to move on with your life, away from the dishonesty and unfaithfulness.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in The Woodlands

If your spouse has been unfaithful to you and you are considering filing for divorce, the dedicated lawyers of the BB Law Group PLLC, can help. Contact our offices today by calling (832) 534-2589 to learn more about your options and how you can start over with the help of a divorce.