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How Social Media Can Cause Divorce

As new technology continues to be developed, causing more and more people to use this technology, particularly social media sites, it has affected people in numerous ways. While typically used for positive reasons, social media has been found to sometimes be a factor in divorces. Although social media does not inherently cause a divorce, certain features of various social media websites can play a significant role in people’s marriages, eventually leading to divorce in certain situations.

Social Media’s Role in Divorce

Depending on the site that a person uses and how they use the site, the ways in which social media can play a role in causing a divorce differ. Some of the most common ways social media sites can lead to a divorce, however, include:

  • Allowing a person to stay in touch with an ex
  • Providing a public forum to speak badly about a spouse
  • The discovery of unfaithful behavior
  • Identity misrepresentation
  • Abusive language toward or about a spouse

Unfortunately, while social media sites can be used in many positive manners, they can also be utilized in a manner that creates rifts between spouses and leads to a divorce.

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