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Filing for Temporary Alimony

Intended to help spouses through a temporary period of time to adjust to their new financial circumstances during and following a divorce, many Woodlands area divorces include temporary alimony agreements. Paid out during divorce proceedings and, in some circumstances, for a short period following the divorce, temporary alimony may be critical to adjusting to a new level of income. Typically, this type of alimony will cease to be paid out once the spouse receiving the alimony secures a new source of income or financial support. Whatever the circumstances, these funds may be critical for you to get through this transitional period of your life.

How Temporary Alimony Can Help

To better help financially dependent spouses adjust to their new level of income or, alternatively, to provide a period of time in which he or she may secure a new source of income, temporary alimony may be used to cover the following expenses:

  • Basic living expenses
  • Vehicle payments
  • Medical and educational costs
  • Divorce fees

These funds may be critical for you as you transition into your life after divorce. Our experienced Woodlands divorce attorneys may be able to help protect your interests during this period and help you feel certain that you and your family are provided for.

Consult With a Woodlands Temporary Alimony Attorney

At BB Law Group PLLC, our Woodlands temporary alimony attorneys may do everything they possibly can to help you protect your financial interests throughout this transitional process. To discuss the particulars of your circumstances with one of our divorce lawyers, please call our Woodlands offices at (832) 534-2589 today.