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Divorce and Child Support Agreements

A large number of divorces in the United States involve the care and wellbeing of children. When this is the case, parents will likely have to agree on a child support settlement for after the divorce is finalized. Generally, the parent with whom the child resides most often receives child support payments, but this, and the amount of the payments, might vary between different spouses and divorce negotiations.

Creating a child support agreement isn’t always easy without the help of a qualified legal professional, as many issues must be considered. From who will pay to how much will be paid, divorcing spouses often have many aspects of child support to consider.

Common Issues

Child support payments are meant to enable a parent to sustain the educational, physical, emotional, and medical needs of a child after a divorce. While these agreements are made prior to the dissolution of a marriage, there are times when the following issues become important:

  • Modifications to Child Support Agreements
  • Enforcing Child Support Agreements

There are many reasons that a child support agreement may need to be changed or a person needs to seek enforcement of the agreement. As such, understanding the legal intricacies of your particular situation is essential to successfully resolving the matter.

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Divorce can be difficult, especially when you’re concerned about the welfare of your children. But the experienced attorneys of BB Law Group PLLC are committed to helping you through this difficult process and will assist in establishing or enforcing support agreement. Contact us today by calling (832) 534-2589 to discuss your situation with us.