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Common Reasons for Adult Adoption

Adult adoption is an increasing trend throughout the U.S. and can become legally binding in as little as three months. The procedure is often much less complicated than traditional child adoption because an adult does not need the consent of a biological parent; an adult individual is free to make this decision on his or her own. Adult adoption is proof of the strong cultural and human appeal of being part of a family.

Making the Change

Adults may find the need to engage in adoption when the parent-child bond is felt emotionally and acknowledged by both parties. Many situations can arise in which an adoption feels appropriate to both parties, including:

  • Grown up foster children adopted by their foster parents
  • Adults finding their biological parents
  • Fathers finding grown children they did not know they had
  • Grown up stepchildren wanting to be adopted by their stepparents
  • Adults who find the emotional parent-child connection elsewhere
  • Disabled or mentally handicapped adults adopted by another adult to act as their caretaker

There is no age limit for a person to find a sense of belonging and happiness as part of a family. Contact a seasoned adoption attorney to help you make your emotional relationship official.

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