Texas man married to two women at the same time, manages to evade bigamy charge

Posted on Sunday, April 14th, 2013 at 3:56 pm    

A Grapevine, Texas man who was married to two women at the same time for two and a half years was able to escape bigamy charges after his dual marriages were discovered.

Germain Gardea married Jennifer Saldivar in 2004 and filed for the dissolution of their marriage in 2009. Three hours after filing the petition, he married his second wife, Leslie, who he convinced of his bachelorhood by showing his divorce applications.  His divorce, however, was never completed.

Gardea’s and Saldivar’s divorce was at last finalized on April 4 with Gardea paying $6,000 for lawyer’s fees, in addition to child support. He reamins married to Leslie and still resides in their home in Grapevine. He was also required by the court to attend counseling with his and Saldivar’s son.

Gardea was not charged with bigamy in October 2012 as the statute of limitations has already lapsed.

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