Enforcing Custody Agreements

There is no reason that your former partner should be violating the custody agreement the two of you formed at the time of your divorce. Unfortunately, it is often the case that one partner does not fully comply with the terms of their custody agreement, particularly in those instances when the agreement was formed as part of a litigated divorce.

If your partner continues to violate the terms of your custody agreement, you may need to speak with one of The Woodlands child custody attorneys about taking legal action to enforce each of the terms of that agreement.

Violations of Custody Agreements

The terms of a custody agreement are typically very specific and will apply to each of the child’s parents. Bearing that in mind, our legal team in The Woodlands is prepared to help you take legal action to enforce your agreement if your partner violates any term of your agreement, including but not limited to the following:

  • Picking up your child from school
  • Keeping physical custody of a child longer than agreed upon

Whatever aspect of the agreement your former partner has violated, our legal team in The Woodlands is prepared to help you develop a legal strategy to help you enforce all the terms of that agreement.

Consult With a Child Custody Attorney in The Woodlands

If your former partner has not been honoring the terms of your custody agreement, you should consider speaking with the child custody attorneys in The Woodlands at the BB Law Group PLLC to learn more about what we will need in order to legally enforce your agreement. To discuss the particular aspects of your custody agreement that you will need enforced with one our attorneys, please call our offices in The Woodlands at (832) 534-2589 today.

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