Deciding if Divorce is Right for You

When you got married, you likely did not spend much, if any, time thinking about the idea that your marriage might not work out. However, as time passes, many people find that they might not be as compatible as they thought, or new circumstances may arise that put pressure on a marriage, causing them to consider divorce. But if you are considering divorce, know that you are not alone in this consideration; in fact, over 50% of marriages in America end in divorce now. Knowing if this decision is right for you can seem difficult, but recognizing signs that divorce might be right for you and your partner can make it easier.

Reasons for Divorce

Your reasoning for getting a divorce does not have to be the same as other people’s reasons for divorces, but it may be helpful to know more about why others get divorced. Some common reasons people cite for getting divorce include:

  • General incompatibility / irreconcilable differences
  • Religious conflicts / cultural conflicts
  • Differences over having children
  • Unfaithful behavior / trust issues
  • Disagreements over financial issues

All of these reasons can perpetuate problems in a marriage or create problems that were not there initially. Whatever reasons a person has for a divorce, he or she has the right to explore this option.

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